Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 The Prisoners’ Diaries provides a deeply moving series of first-person commentaries on what Palestinian prisoners have been enduring for decades in the dark recesses of Israel’s unlawful and inhumane network of prisons.
Somehow these texts, with their convergent renderings of the ordeal of imprisonment make us feel and understand the reality of Palestinian suffering that is associated more generally with living under such a long and abusive occupation in vivid ways that statistics, however necessary, can never manage.
This book is so valuable as it combines the witnessing by prisoners with just enough information about the magnitude of the Israeli prison system to give readers a true understanding of this most agonizing dimension of the Palestinian ordeal.
Reading this book, above all, makes one doubt whether such individuals who have resisted the occupation of their country should be treated as criminals at all rather than brave warriors in a ceaseless and legitimate war waged against great odds to recover control of their homeland.”
Richard Falk, Albert G. Milbank Professor of International Law Emeritus, Princeton University and UN Special Rapporteur for occupied Palestinian Territories

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“ I defy you to read these stories and not weep for Jews and Palestinians. Now dry your eyes and work for justice, peace and reconciliation.”
Stephen Robert Sizer, Anglican vicar of Christ Church, Virginia Water, Surrey, England, writer, peace activist and freelance photographer

“ A humane, beautiful, valuable yet painful book. I ask all people of conscience to read it to learn more about the suffering of the Palestinian detainees in Israeli Occupation prisons.”
Hana Shalabi, former hunger striker, Hasharon prison, Tel Aviv

“ Yet more shocking revelations
of Israel’s neo-holocaust politics. Inhumanely consistent with its expansionist policies in West Bank and siege of Gaza.”

Dr Musa Nordin, Chairman, Viva Palestina Malaysia 

"The Prisoners' Diaries had me in tears almost immediately. This first hand testimony by survivors of Israeli detention centres and isolation cells, makes it a pivotal work. I lived every moment from cover to cover.So will you.The question is- what do we do now we know the truth ?"
LAUREN BOOTH, English broadcaster, journalist and activist.

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