Monday, April 8, 2013

After 27 years in captivity, freedom arrives for Ibrahim Baroud

Ibrahim Baroud reunited with his mother  today after 27 long years in prison, 7 of which was in solitary confinement.

Shahd Abusalama , a talented artist and eloquent writer had mentioned the courage and persistence of Ibrahim's mother in her blog dated March last year

"Despite her age, she has joined every hunger strike prisoners launched since her son was detained, and has never missed a protest for Palestinian political prisoners. She always says, “I am not only the mother of the detainee Ibrahim Baroud, but of all the prisoners and oppressed. I’ll keep calling for their freedom as long as I am alive”. Last Monday at the weekly protest in the Red Cross, she limped because of a pain in her leg, but was still fasting in solidarity with Khader Adnan and all prisoners. She spoke for the prisoners to the media, appealing to every human right organization to witness the suffering of Palestinian detainees and act."

In The Prisoners' Diaries, the mother of freed prisoner Marwan Alzard had recounted her pain at being separated from her son for 20 years. "Oh brave lion,I would sacrifice my heart to save you. I would give my soul and every valuable thing to free you. My imagination could not offer me a picture of my beloved patiently enduring behind the walls of humiliation. But my imagination was weaker than God's will, which always allowed me to see him in my dreams as if I was with him the whole night."

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