Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Friday 28th Mar - PROTEST IN SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINIAN WOMEN PRISONERS & G4S COMPLICITY IN THEIR TORTURE & CAGING # FreeLenaJarboni Date: Friday 28th March 2014, half past three pm - half past five pm Location: G4S HQ, 105 Victoria Street, London SW1E 6QT (Closest public transport: Victoria Tube / Rail station)

PALESTINIAN WOMEN POLITICAL PRISONERS - FREE LENA JARBONI We will highlight the plight of Palestinian women in Israeli prisons and in Particular Lena Jarboni, and G4S Specifically complicity in their torture and suffering.Currently there are 21 Palestinian women prisoners in Israeli Political prisons. Most of them are in HaSharon prison in Israel. The British private security contractor G4S provides the full security system at HaSharon including the central command room for the entire prison. The transfer of Palestinian prisoners from the occupied West Bank and Gaza into Israel to (to HaSharon Prison) is illegal under international law and a war crime Constitutes, G4S is Complicit in this by the services it Provides to HaSharon Prison. Before being brought to prison the women have to endure weeks, sometimes months, of torture at one of Israel's interrogation centres to extract confessions from them - usually the infamous 'Russian Compound' in Jerusalem or the notorious Al-Jalame torture den - both these facilities are also secured by G4S . The Occupation has again extended the detention of Palestinian prisoners lawyer Shireen Issawi (and her brothers Shadi and Medhat), she was arrested on March 2 014 6th and her next hearing is on March 26th. We are also campaigning for her (and her brothers) Unconditional and immediate release. The longest serving Palestinian prisoner women is Lena Al-Jarboni who has Endured in Nearly 12 years HaSharon. The campaign centres around her as an example of what Palestinian women have to endure and their resilience and steadfastness in the face of the occupation prisons. The details about Lena Jarboni has been updated after receiving new information from her family about her the interrogation and the torture and threats against her family That lead to her forced confession. LENA Al-JARBONI Lena was born in one thousand nine hundred and seventy-four to a Palestinian family near Acre in 1948 Palestine. Due to financial difficulty she could not complete her studies and worked in sewing workshops to help her family. In 2002 she was picked up by Israeli security on suspicion of "collaborating with the enemy" - she unlike her Palestinian friends has Israeli citizenship. They tortured her for 30 days at Israels notorious G4S secured Al-Jalame torture den.Interrogation sessions lasted up to 20 hours at a time. Deprived of sleep, she was made ​​to stand stationary in stress positions for that time - her joints have never recovered. Between interrogation sessions she was caged in a tiny 1m x 2m hole in the ground cell. They brought her younger brother in and brutally tortured him, beating him mercilessly in front of her to pressure her to confess. When she didn't break they released him and abducted her younger sister and tortured her, and then they dragged her elderly mother to the interrogation room and threatened to torture her. Her frail mother suffers from heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.To save her family Lena confessed to the fabricated charges and she was sentenced to 17 years in HaSharon women's prison. At HaSharon prison Palestinian women prisoners have to endure beatings, insults, threats, sexually explicit harassment and sexual violence, and humiliation at the hands of Israeli guards. They are often forced to undergo degrading strip searches during the middle of the night - forced to squat naked and subjected to intrusive internal body searches, for no reason other than as a punitive measure. Women have been beaten and left tied to their bed for a day and a half and not allowed to go to the toilet as punishment for spilling water. The cells at HaSharon prison are overcrowded, dirty and infected with rodents and cockroaches. There is a total absence of basic hygiene, women have even been denied sanitary pads when menstruating. The heat is unbearable, The windows are closed and covered so that hardly any air or daylight can enter. The food is insufficient, and of inferior quality & dirty, often containing insects & worms, at times there are not enough portions for all the women. At HaSharon Lena became the spokeswoman for the other prisoners and converted the squalid rat infested cellars in to an area for prayer and education. She taught sewing classes and Quran. Israel has adopted a systematic policy of a medical negligence regarding Palestinian prisoners, a study conducted in 2 008 revealed that 38% of Palestinian female prisoners suffer from Treatable diseases go untreated That. Due to medical negligence Lena can no longer walk and suffers from extreme pain in her stomach and constant migraines. The prison refused to transfer her to hospital for an essential cholecystectomy operation in time. It was only when all the women prisoners threatened to go on hunger strike that they finally allowed her the operation. She has never recovered and her condition is deteriorating. Having endured nearly 12 years in HaSharon prison she is the longest serving Palestinian woman prisoner. She has over 5 more years left of her sentence, in her condition it is very unlikely she can survive that. We are Demanding her immediate release. UPDATEs LIVE DURING PROTEST We will, InshAllah, be tweeting live (hash tag # FreeLenaJarboni) from the protest with live photos being uploaded to our twitter and facebook page. So if you can not join us on the day, please help us by sharing the photos as they get uploaded.https://www.facebook.com/

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