Thursday, May 30, 2013

Raid on former prisoner Hashem Abu Zayyad's house

As part of the continuous arrest campaign by the Israeli occupation forces , they besieged the house of former political prisoner Hashem AbuZayyad in Bethany (Eizareya) east Jerusalem, yesterday after midnight, with the intention of arresting his sons Jameel, 25, and Hamzah 19. 
IDF soldiers violently raided the AbuZayyad house, shouting and horrifying the rest of the family members. They also performed a brutal inspection of the house and destroyed the family's personal belongings. 
As both Jameel and Hamzah were not at home, the Israeli occupation savagely arrested the father Hashem AbuZayyad, 55, barely allowing him to collect his medicine before leaving, where he was taken to Ma'ale Adumim police center at 2 am this morning. The Israeli occupation authorities questioned him all night, and eventually released him this morning at 8 am after forcing him to sign a commitment to make his sons Jameel and Hamzah surrender to the occupation authorities. Accordingly, both did so at 9 am, although no charges were filed against them.
The mother of Jameel and Hamza had an operation and is still recovering. In view of what happened to her family, she got a nervous breakdown and was sent to hospital in an ambulance. Despite her broken heart, she is so proud of her young men who are sacrificing their lives for their beloved homeland, noting this has been happening in every Palestinian family's house for 65 years.
Israeli occupation's Humiliation, racism, and oppression persist against the Palestinian people, while the whole world is just watching.

From the facebook page of the Free Samer Issawi campaign

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