Sunday, July 28, 2013

Testimonials of 2 Juveniles on Torture and Maltreatment

 Under the Zionist occupation, Palestinian children do not have any rights , as can be seen from the first hand testimony of these 13 year old boys

"Inside the jeep, the soldiers hit Subuh on the head, dropped him and his friend Ahmad at al-Jalameh crossing where there was a wide field and asked them to walk into the mid of the field ordering them to undress completely except for underwear.
“The soldiers approached us and two of them caught me and dragged me to the crossing while I was undressed and barefooted, as my clothes were left behind in the field” said Subhi.
They made both of them sit on at the crossing before they had cuffed and blindfolded them.
“The soldier tied the cuffs strongly around my hands in a very painful way which caused me hurts and marks until today” he added."

"“Afterwards, he wrote down, in Hebrew, on a piece of paper for half an hour and asked me to sign it, but I refused to sign on something I did not know” Subuh said. “He told me “sign it in order to make your father come and release you”, but I refused, then, he took a stick of iron and hit me on the back with it and said “if you do not sign, we will bring your mother and brothers to investigate them here” I feared his threat and signed it” child Subuh said. "

AHRAR WLEDNA - Children - Testimonials of 2 Juveniles on Torture and Maltreatment

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