Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Hares Boys are charged with 25 counts of attempted murder each and face 25 years to life in prison

One of the cruellest things about the Zionist occupation of Palestine is the imprisonment and torture of children.

"The hardest memory is the sentence pronounced by a soldier before Ali was handcuffed and brought to an unspecified destination: “Kiss goodbye to your mother, because you might not see her again”. Ali’s mother sobs as she repeats these words, and then adds: “At first I thought he said this just to scare us, but now I see that he really meant that”. If the prosecution succeeds in sentencing the boys to 25 years of prison, Ali might see his family again until he is 41 years old."

The charge of 25 counts of attempted murder is based on each stone found on the road ! The boys say they were not even there at the time of the car crash , and the truck driver said he had stopped due to a flat tyre , not to stones being thrown.

Read more of the incredible way Israel persecutes young palestinians  here

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