Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Prisoner hugs his paralysed mother

From Shahd Abusalama-

This is in a special visit coordinated for a detainee in Israeli prisons to meet his sick paralyzed mother without a barrier. Such visits are rarely allowed for prisoners. 
This man is the father of the young man whom I shared this photo from.
In the description he wrote, "My dear father, thoughts are flooded inside my mind while watching the released prisoners hugging their mothers and wiping their tears. I can almost see you in every one of them. I can smell you on their clothes. I can hear your voice in either their laughs or sighs. I miss you my dad and I am longing for your warm lap. Your freedom will mean life to me. You will restore it one day, God willing!


In the Prisoners' Diaries, Abdulrahman Shehab describes his father's reaction when the jailer opened the door to allow him and the family to take a family photo with his incarcerated son, after 17 years of only communicating through a glass barrier. He was so overwhelmed he had almost fainted.

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