Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Release of Palestinian prisoners is long overdue

UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees welcomed the release of a number of Palestinian prisoners. The network considered the step as late, long overdue that is used to cover up its the Israeli ugly image perceived worldwide through showing “real” intention of peace seeking.

In a press statement dispatched Tuesday evening, August 13, 2013, UFree stated that it is watchfully waiting to see the outcome of the Palestinian prisoners’ release deal between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Israel. It asserted that the deal is not enough and that all Palestinian political prisoners and detainees should be released unconditionally.

The network confirmed that it welcomes any steps which may help Palestinian political prisoners and detainees obtain their stolen freedom. It would like also to celebrate the joy of their families, who are longing to see their beloved ones.

In the same time, UFee Network announced its rejection of using the basic human rights of prisoners as a negotiation tool in order to blackmail Palestinian political prisoners and their rights.

“The standards of releasing prisoners should have been different. Some of those will be released in the first dispatch of prisoners are due to end their imprisonment sentences. Meanwhile, four prisoners spent more than three quarters of their sentence in the jail and at least one prisoner spent 12 years in the jail. This standard is approved unilaterally by Israel” said the statement

Additionally, the Palestinian absent role in preparing and naming the lists of prisoners intended to be released makes Israel the dominant power to decide the names of prisoners intended to be released. The current release of prisoners is not based on any human right standard; this is obvious as Israel refuses to release prisoners from occupied territories of 1948 and Jerusalem.

For his part, chairman of UFree Network, Mohammad Hamdan welcomed the step of releasing any Palestinian political prisoners and detainees.

“We are happy to see some prisoners are released today, yet the step comes too late as it should have happened 20 years ago. All prisoners should be released as they have the basic right to be free and not charged. We don’t accept the Israeli attempts to use them as a negotiation tool. International community should bear its responsibility by pressuring Israel to free all prisoners as it will help achieving peace” added Hamdan

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UFree Network is an independent European-wide human rights network; set up to defend the rights of Palestinian political prisoners and detainees

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