Thursday, July 10, 2014

Protest against the Arrest of Khader Adnan

Sheikh Khader Adnan was abducted by the occupation forces two days ago on Tuesday 8th July 2014.

A former Palestinian political prisoner, Sheikh Khader Adnan is known as the father of the hunger strikers - the symbol of Palestinian resistance and steadfastness, In 2011 he was abducted and caged indefinitely without any charged or trial under Israeli illegal system of punitive administrative detention. To protest his illegal imprisonment he went on hunger strike and won his freedom. His successful 66 day hunger strike in 2012 - the longest in Palestinian history at the time, inspired over 1600 other Palestinian prisoners to hunger strike. Since his release Sheikh Khader Adnan has been the voice of the Palestinian political prisoners, ceaselessly defending their rights at every opportunity and thus is a thorn in the side of the occupation.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Over 6,000 Palestinians now in Israeli jails, with 830 arrested since June 12th.

Over 830 Palestinians from the West Bank, Jerusalem and Occupied Palestine ’48 have been imprisoned in mass arrests and raids since June 12, reported the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society on Monday, after 56 were arrested overnight in the West Bank. There are now over 6,000 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails, noted researcher Abdel Nasser Ferwana.

This came amid ongoing attacks from occupation forces, who bombed Gaza in a series of airstrikes, killing nine people: Ibrahim al-Bal’aawy, 24; Abdul-Rahman al-Zamili, 22; Mustafa Abu Morr, 22; his twin brother Khaled Abu Morr, 22; Yousef Sharaf Ghannam, 22; Joma’a Abu Shallouf, 24; Ibrahim Abdeen; Mazen al-Jedya, 33; and Marwan Salim, 23.

An Israeli colonist ran over three Palestinian workers with his car near Haifa on July 6, killing two instantly: Zahi Abu Hamed of Qalqilya and Anwar al-Satel of Yafa.

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